The Taximan's Story

1.What is the irony of the story?

The irony of the story is that Lay Choo is intelligent and is very good in her studies but unexpectedly, she was fooling around instead of being in school.

2.What are the themes raised in this story?

The themes are Parental Guidance and Teenagers this days etc

3.How realistic is this story?

This story is very realistic as the writer potrays the taximan to be a typical Singaporean who do not have much education and speaks singlish. She also writes about the current problems faced by most families about handling teenagers, like the taximan's.

4.What do you think of the taximan?Do you feel sympathy for him?

I think that the taximan is very violent and strict. He beat and slapped Lay Choo when he found out that she was fooling around. He even lock her up in her room for three days. I feel sympathy for him as he did all this because he love Lay Choo and was concerned about her studies. He worked all day and save for her University, yet she went fooling around.

5.Do you agree with his lamenting?

I do not agree with his lamenting. He can only blame himself and no one esle when Lay Choo went fooling around because it is the responsibility of a father to instill good moral values and discipline to his son or daughter so that he or she will not go astray.

6.What about the other characters in the story? Do you feel sympathy for them?

I sympathise with Lay Choo's mother because I feel that she will be very disappointed in her daughter who is smartest of all her siblings to do such a disgraceful thing. I do not sympathise with Lay Choo as she was wrong to fool around and deserved to face the music. Even though She might have her own reasons. For example: Her family need cash urgently. She should have discussed it will her parents and don't act rashly.

Reflections : The taximan should not be so violent to her daughter as it might cause her to reble even more. I think he should advise her on the advantages and disadvantages on mixing with bad company and fooling around. E.g. It will affect her studies etc. The taximan should not be ashamed to tell Lay Choo's teacher about the incident so that she might be able to help in monitoring Lay Choo.


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Sympathy is the golden key that unlocks the hearts of others. See the link below for more info.



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